inSISt inSISt is an XBRL validator that allows to verify the compliance of an XBRL report (XBRL instance) with the report definition (XBRL taxonomy). It enables checking the correctness of prepared reports before sending them to European regulators (EBA, EIOPA).

In modern XBRL reporting systems, the XBRL validator plays a key role in the entire data processing chain.

Since compliance with the validation rules (correctness rules) published in the form of the XBRL Formula is also verified next to the form of reporting, the use of a validator before sending the report is necessary.

inSISt is an efficient validator for ITS reports that meets all requirements and standards.

inSISt can be used in various technical architecture configurations:

  • as a validator embedded in the aSISt reporting system,
  • in desktop version – without having to build a separate technical infrastructure,
  • in server version – access to the validator is carried out using web-services, which allows integration with virtually any system,
  • • in EJB version – to be built into a dedicated server application running on an application server (e.g. WebLogic).

inSISt is supplied with update services that guarantee consistency with current EBA and EIOPA taxonomies.

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