January 24, 2020

Changes in aSISt technical requirements

by GPM in Other, Services

Due to the technological changes aiming to increase the efficiency and speed of the aSISt reporting system, starting from September 2020 aSISt application will be working with Oracle database in version 12 or higher.

For above reason from September 2020:

  • we will discontinue tests of Oracle 11
  • errors troubleshoot related to aSISt products connected to the Oracle 11 will not be processed

To have full compatibility with Oracle database all clients of aSISt products are required to install Oracle 12 version or higher.

If you have problems updating the Oracle database, you can use our migration service.

aSISt applications working with Derby database are not affected by new requirements. There is no need to migrate from Derby to Oracle database.

A document with new technical requirements is available at: