November 3, 2017

A reporting solution for consulting companies

by Katarzyna Mendrek in EBA, EIOPA, Other

Are you a consulting company reporting EBA ITS on behalf of your clients? Have you chosen reporting software to do it effectively? Check out why aSISt may be the best choice for you and your clients.

All banks and credit institutions from the European Union countries are obliged to prepare reports and send them to the national supervisors (NCAs). The NCA validates reports and delivers them to the EBA or EIOPA.

Some institutions manage their reporting cycle on their own, others hire professional consulting companies that not only help to prepare reports but also provide advisory consultations or internal analyses.

Companies look for powerful tools that support the full reporting cycle. Out of many features of reporting software, a possibility to prepare reports on behalf of multiple entities is one of the most desirable.

Reports for multiple entities in one complex solution – case study

A consulting company was looking for a reporting solution that would allow for report preparation on behalf of its multiple clients in one system. The tool was to enable preparation of all reports from the EBA ITS package.

The solution

The implementation of the aSISt application with the entire EBA ITS report package. Thanks to the modular character of the application, it can be easily expanded with additional functional modules. In order to provide a possibility of reporting on behalf of many entities, the basic tool was expanded with the Units Module.

As the number of entities increases only the license file is updated while the already prepared reports remain in the same system.

aSISt supports the full reporting cycle. The subsequent steps of the report preparation process are:

  • data input, editing and completion,
  • report verification and reconciliation,
  • validation and archiving (saving, printing, etc.),
  • report generation,
  • correction of historical reports.

Each report for every client is processed in the same way, with full auditability of operations carried out by the user.

Internal analyses – the desired software

The aSISt application has many additional modules that improve daily work with reports. Out of many functions, consulting companies often choose the Data Analysis Module.

The module supports the creation of analytical reports with the use of data from the prepared obligatory reports. In the Data Analysis Module, users can easily:

  • perform their own economic analyses,
  • define report templates,
  • create many types of reports,
  • create variables in order to standardize the use of indicators in different reports,
  • edit, regenerate or delete previously created reports,
  • add a verbal description of analytical reports,
  • export reports to Excel files,
  • create brochures with graphical elements, publish them in the PDF format and print easily.

To receive more information about aSISt EBA ITS for consulting companies, please contact us.